Contract research

We are the FORPOLIS platform, which is made up of various experts in regional development and public administration. Our platform offers contract research and facilitates dialogue between economics, management, regional sciences, sociology, political science, demography, geography and philosophy. Our platform aims to bridge partial perspectives on regional development and to translate this approach into practice through the application of concrete solutions in collaboration with the private and public sectors. If you are looking for experts in regional development and public administration, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SMART, Cultural and creative industries, EU cohesion policy, quality of life, aging, transport, strategic and spatial planning, transformation and conversion of the region


socio-economic analyses, conceptual documents, situational analyses, background studies, best practice collections, international research, evaluation

For example: smart city/smart village; creation of support teams (expert panels, qualitative research); concepts in the field of research, higher education and innovation in the context of regional policy, etc.